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Ecommerce Hosting FAQs

Ecommerce Hosting FAQs

Ecommerce hosting is a complete business solution through which you can sell your products online, you can process your customer credit and debit cards online, you can administrate your shop via a Web based online secure control panel. We provide complete order processing system which you can easily integrate with any 3rd party merchant. You don't need to design your online shop or do any HTML editing all you need to do is to choose your shop from our professional wed design ideal for all kinds of products.

Do I need technical knowledge to sell my product online?

No. Selling products online is very easy with our ecommerce hosting. The system does not require you to understand the backend technology or programming languages, and allows you to set up and manage your online shop through a simple secure control panel.

How I will process my customer credit and debit cart online?

Our ecommerce service is integrated with many 3rd party merchants. If you already have a merchant account with any 3rd party you can just activate it via control panel.

Do I need to buy an SSL Certificate for my shop?

No, you do not need to buy your own SSL certificate for your shop because it is already included in the price, we offers free shared SSL certificate with all ecommerce packages.

I do not have a merchant account, how do I process my customer credit card online?

We recommend you to choose our ecommerce hosting package 3 which comes with free merchant account. This package is ideal for first time online shop owners, we will provide you one free merchant account and this merchant account will be linked to your online shop. It means that your customer credit/debit card will be charged online automatically and you will receive this money in your bank account. Enable to do this you need to supply us with your bank name, account name, account number and sort code.

Do I need to download/upload any software?

No. Your shop is ready to use and no installation or software required at all.

How do I add product into my shop?

Ecommerce hosting is totally web based and you can use your web browser to add products and upload images. You need a username and password to access your shop back office system which you will get after you purchase any ecommerce hosting package.

Back Office is used to configure your online store, insert products for sale, setup and edit administrators and customers, setup shipping/tax, process orders made and a host of other features. The Administration Tool is protected by a login mechanism which allows only verified administrators to login and to administer the online store.

I already have a domain; can I use that domain to run my shop?

Yes, if you already have a domain name you can still use our shop to sell your products online.

How will I design my website?

You do not need to design a website at all. All you need to do is to choose one from our free or premium WEBSITEs.

How secure is my website?

We are using latest firewall and antivirus software to provide 100% secure environment. Access to servers is tightly controlled and limited to essential personnel (if you're not on the list, you don't get in). In normal operation, power is drawn from the power grid but we operate uninterruptible supplies and have on-site generators, in case the external supply fails.

Should I back up my Ecommerce services?

Although we take as many precautions as we can to keep your data safe, we do recommend you keep a backup of your Ecommerce system. Backups don't just protect you against a failure of our systems (unlikely), but also against problems caused by any changes you make.

Does my shop support multiple languages and currencies?

Can I ftp my site?


Can I search my products and orders?


Can I control out of stock sale?

Yes, and you can also choose to sale products even if it is out of stock. This option is ideal for pre order bookings etc.

Can my customer search my products?


Can I control out of stock sale?


Can I give my customer a payment choice?

Yes, you can activate more than one payment gateways for your customer. For example you can give customer a choice to pay via PayPal or Google Checkout.

Can I create my own text for my navigation bar?


Can I see the statistics of my shop?

Yes, back office gives you complete shop static report with Graphs.

Can I make my store offline?

Yes, you can make your store offline with message.

Can I add Tax for my shop?

Yes, you can set a VAT for your products.

Do I need to set VAT for each product?

No, you can set VAT for your whole shop.

Can I give my customer an option to see prices in different currency?

Yes, you customer will be able to see prices in different currencies.

Can I add multiple shipping methods with different cost?


If I cannot setup my website could you do it for me?


Can I create custom options for my product like 'color', 'size' etc?


If I upgrade do I need to pay for both packages?

No, you will only pay the difference.

Can I choose the theme of my choice?

Yes. Our free WEBSITE template is fully customizable, you can also purchase premium WEBSITE template.

Can I produce email receipts?

Our system automatically creates Invoices and sends it to your customers.

Can I produce reports by products sold?

Yes, you care create 50+ different types of reports.

Can I add more than one image for my product?


Do I need a separate SQL database?

No, database is already included in the package.

What kind of products I can sell with ecommerce hosting?

Your ecommerce store is ideal for all types of products including general merchandise, clothing, music, software, food products, automotive products, books, computer products, etc.

Does your ecommerce hosting support secure transactions?

Yes, this is something we take very seriously our customers confidentiality and privacy. All our ecommerce packages come with a shared SSL certificate which you can activate via your control panel.

Do you have a demo site?

Yes, please visit www.mydemoshop.co.uk/demo1

Can i try out the demo store site before I purchase?

Yes, please contact us to get a demo site.

Can my site look very similar to the live demo one?


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