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Ecommerce Hosting Features

Ecommerce Hosting Features

Our ecommerce package comes with free website template which you can customise according to your business need via secure back-office control panel. You can also purchase a premium WEBSITE template for your shop from just £16/m as an add-on. Website templates are available for all type of businesses.

Our Web based online shop management system (back office) gives you a full administration control panel through which you can add products, categories, sub categories, product prices and much more. You can also setup card payment gateways in just a couple of clicks and no technical knowledge required to integrate your shop with your payment merchant. Our system keeps records of all sales so you know when orders have been placed and where to send the ordered items to.

Our shopping cart system enables you to accept credit cards online and automatically process credit card payments. Our shops are already integrated with all the major 3rd party payment processors. All you need to do is select which one you want to use for you online shop, there is no complicated integration or programming required.

Our Ecommerce 3 Package comes with a FREE merchant account, for those who do not have a merchant account. This package is ideal for those shop owners who never sell products online and do not want to go for online payment complexity. All you need to provide us with your bank details and we will arrange and setup a merchant account for you. The merchant account service is free with Ecommerce 3 Package.

You can choose your shop design from one of our free WEBSITE templates or you can buy a special premium WEBSITE from our WEBSITE section and get a branded new look for your online shop.

  • Easy to use ecommerce hosting.
  • No experience required to manage your ecommerce hosting packages.
  • Instant shop activation and free website.
  • Take payment and process your customer's credit card online.
  • No software to download or upload to your ecommerce hosting.
  • No contract or minimum ecommerce hosting lease time.
  • Ready online shop with all ecommerce hosting packages.
  • Just add product and start selling today.
  • Complete order processing system with all ecommerce hosting packages.
  • Affordable prices starting from only £5.99 per month.

All our ecommerce hosting packages comes with following free features.

Free Ecommerce website

Hosting-UK.com offer free ecommerce website with all ecommerce packages. Our free website template is highly customisable so you can easily transform our template according to your needs. You have full control over your template look and feel and you can give it any look according to your business.

Banner Slider

You can add your own banners on main page of you website, these are sliding banners to attract your site visitors and you can add these banners to your website via Back Office by just couple of clicks.


You are in full control to add items on horizontal menu at the top of your website, you can customise these items with your own colors and heading. You can also drop down menu via back office.

Categories You can add your own categories via Back Office, these categories will appear on the left hand side of your website, categories can be anything related to your products.

Featured Products

Featured products are those products which appear on your website main page. You can display as many products as you link to quickly attract customer's attention on newly

added or best selling products.

Shopping cart

Free ecommerce web template has a built-in shopping cart system, visitors to your online shop can browse your categories, add products as they go, then check out and pay when

ever they're ready.

Non Ecommerce Pages

You can also add non-ecommerce static pages to your site like about us, delivery information & terms and conditions etc.

Free Website

With every ecommerce purchase we will provide you a free customizable website which you can personalize with your logo, banners, products, categories, links and colors of your choice. Our free website template is suitable for all types of business and gives a professional look to your shop.

Complete online shop

All ecommerce packages come with free website. Your customer can purchase products from your shop online, they can add multiple products from your shop and can pay the amount online through their credit or debit cards. Customer can register to your shop for future discount and you can manage your shop users directly from your web browser. It is a Fully-functional shopping basked so visitors to your online shop can browse your categories, add products as they go, then check out and pay whenever they're ready.

Fully Hosted Ecommerce Solution

Our ecommerce packages are fully hosting on our Fast UK servers and you don't need to buy any additional hosting to run your online shop.

No contract or lease

There is no minimum term or contract for any of our ecommerce hosting services. You can cancel your package anytime and we will refund your money back.

Easy to use & No experience required

With literally zero technical knowledge you can run your online shop with our ecommerce hosting. By just using your web browser you can add products to your shop, add new categories/sub categories, create links, set product prices, manage stock, process customer orders etc.

Instant shop activation

Your ecommerce hosting will be available instantly for you to start managing the products.

Email Ready

Sending an email to your customer about his order status is a hassle and takes a lot of management time and efforts. It also affects customer's confidence in your services level. Our ecommerce hosting sends automatic email to your registered customers. Your customer will receive an email whenever anything happen to his order. All emails are template based so you can edit email templates according to your business needs.

CSV Import

You can import your full product catalogue by just couple of clicks.

Process your customer's card online with our ecommerce hosting

Through our ecommerce hosting your customer can pay online via credit or debit cart and you will get this money straight into your bank account.

No software to download

You don't need to install any software to manage your ecommerce hosting, the only thing you need is a web browser to administrate your shop. Everything is already installed on our servers including shopping cart, database, email server, payment gateway and web based shop management system.

Ready online shop

You don't need to build your shop to sell your product online, just choose from one of our professionally designed free shop theme or buy a premium shop template than just add your logo, banner and products and start selling straightaway.


You can add/sell unlimited products from your shop to unlimited customers. You can sell any products like clothes or other tangible as well as not tangible items like tickets, services like holidays, accommodation, online files like audios and videos. Our system works with any kind of products as well as services. Unsure how to sell your products online? Please contact our support team.


Products are organized into categories to make it easier for customers to browse your store and for you to manage your inventory. You can create your own categories and then add your product listings to it.

Catalogue search

Allow customers to search your entire product range for specific keywords.

Online shopping basket

Fully-functional shopping basked so visitors to your online shop can browse, add products as they go, then check out and pay whenever they're ready.

Credit/Debit card payments online

Our ecommerce hosting is already integrated into all the major 3rd party payment processors. All you need to do is select which one you want to use, there is no complicated integration or programming required. You can also setup multiple payment options to give your customer freedom of payment. You can choose from PayPal, Google checkout, Cash, Cheque, Bank wire and any other of your choice.

Merchant Account

Every online business need at least one merchant account to take payments online. Our state of art ecommerce hosting '3' package comes with free PayPal merchant account. This package is specially designed for new online sellers with no knowledge of online ecommerce transaction and avoids going in online payment complexity. We can integrate your bank account with your shop so your customer can pay online with credit or debit cards and you will receive this payment in your bank account. We can setup a merchant account for following UK banks.

Our system can work with any of the following UK banks. If your bank is not listed below than please contact our support team.

  • Santander www.santander.co.uk
  • Alliance & Leicester www.alliance-leicester.co.uk
  • Bank of Scotland www.bankofscotland.co.uk
  • Barclays www.barclays.co.uk
  • Citybank www.citybank.co.uk
  • Halifax www.halifax.co.uk
  • HSBC www.hsbc.co.uk
  • Lloyds TSB www.lloydstsb.co.uk
  • Natwest www.natwest.co.uk
  • Royal Bank of Scotland www.royalbankofscotland.co.uk
  • The Woolwich www.woolwich.co.uk

Free Shared SSL

Included with all packages, this allows you to securely process customers credit and debit cards.

Online Shop management - Back Office

The shop administration tool (Back Office) is used to configure your online store, insert products for sale, setup and edit administrators and customers, setup shipping/tax, process orders made and a host of other features. The Administration Tool is protected by a login mechanism which allows only verified administrators to login and to administer the online store.

You can manage every aspect of your online shop by logging into a back office. There's no software to install and it's very easy to use.

Multiple Language Support

Build a multi-lingual online shop to attract customers from around the world.

SEO optimized ecommerce hosting

Our Ecommerce hosting is optimized for all search engines to provide organic customers to your business. All shop links are search engine friendly and you can manage your pages Meta data online via shop owner control panel, all product names appears at page title along with the shop name so your customer can see your product at Google or other search engine and can land directly to your product page.

Show Latest Products on Homepage

This allows you to determine if the most recently added products are to be displayed on your stores home page. This feature allows you to quickly collect new products orders and give customer opportunity to view all latest products on your website main page. You can also choose how many products you want to show on the home page.

Recent Viewed Products

Our system keeps the history of what visitor is browsing on your website and display recent browsed products in a 'Recent Viewed' block to help your customers to easily go back to previous products.


Our system automatically generates thumbnail images of your products. No need to worry about resizing or optimization - we do that for you. Our system generated 8-10 copies of different sizes for your uploaded product images. This is a complete automatic process and you don't need to worry about image size and types. You can also change width and height of you images via back office and again our system will re-create all copies of your image automatically.

Stock Settings

Stock settings allow you to configure the general product inventory settings for your store. You can control if you want to allow your customer to purchase out of stock items etc. This feature allows you to determine if customers can purchase products after the stock level has reached zero. The default is 'No' products cannot be purchased if out of stock.

Non Ecommerce Site Pages - CMS

Add pages to your shop using the content management system. Our System allows you to add additional informational pages to your store. You can just give a name to your page and the content of the page and our system with display this information as a separate page to your users, for example you want to display terms and condition page or about-us page on your site which can be added via shop control panel directly.

Shipping your products

Our Ecommerce shipping modules allow you to configure the shipping options you want to offer your customers. Each module supports a different shipping method, e.g., weight based shipping, Royal Mail, UPS, USPS, international express delivery, etc. When you enable a shipping module and configure the settings, the associated shipping method becomes available to customers when they check out from your store.

Product Attributes and groups

Create and manage the various attributes to be used and combined to create the various models of your products. Use attributes and groups to create different variations, models, packs, etc. of a product.

Attributes need not describe just physical differences between models; for example, not only do you use attributes to sell a T-shirt that comes in 3 colors (blue, white, and red), you can also create different volumes which you can then sell at digressive prices (one piece at base price, a pack of 5 for 5 pounds less, a pack of 10 for 15 pounds less, etc.).

Manage customers

Managing your customers is very simple with our ecommerce hosting. All of your customer details are stored in database and can be viewed by shop owner, you can search your customer and can general sales report.

Manage Orders

You can manage your customers order online and can change the status of your order accordingly. Your customer will be notified automatically with our built-in email system. This gives your business a professional look and gain customer's confidence in your business.


Our ecommerce hosting allows you to view sales reports in a graphical ways.

Ecommerce Hosting

This is a complete hosted ecommerce solution with PayPal integration and free website.

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