Web Hosting

VPS Technology


We use the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge r7xx series servers, (optimised for virtualisation), to provide a stable platform. Each physical server has 8 x 10k SAS disks for primary storage, (in a RAID-10 array), providing full storage redundancy and high-speed access to data. A top-end PERC RAID card with battery-backed cache ensures the integrity of your data with no storage bottlenecks. We use flash memory for the boot volume, to ensure fast booting and to minimize downtime during upgrades. Each physical server has 12 Intel Xeon cores, designed for heavy server workloads, and 144GB of RAM to accommodate future memory needs of each virtual server. As your requirements grow, your VPS can be upgraded to meet them. All VPS can be fully customised post-purchase, only a reboot is required for them to take effect. All upgrades are pro-rated from point of purchase.

KVM Virtualisation

KVM is a hypervisor that integrates deeply with the host OS, ensuring that each VPS, whether it is running Linux or Windows, can use the hardware to its maximum potential.

Cloud hosting technology

In the unlikely event of hardware failure, our migration technology ensures that your data is quickly transferred to another server.

Bootable recovery build

Our recovery build helps ensure that you can always access your data, even in the event of disaster.

Full root access and out of band console

Our VPS come with full root access allowing you to install any scripts or software you want. Out of band SSH access means you can log in to your Virtual Server even if it is not accessible to the outside world.

Multiple uses

Use your Virtual Server for more than just hosting your website. A VPS is also perfect for use as a file, database, email, or gaming server.

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