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Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design

  • Works with any domain name
  • Your existing website, just optimised for mobile phones
  • Automatic device detection
  • Doesn't need an existing website
  • Fully hosted solution
  • Call us - one click for your customers to call you
  • Find us - Google map and directions
  • Call me back - call your customers back

Mobile Website Builder

With mobile internet usage growing by 267% in 2010, mobile accessibility is becoming one of the key considerations in web design. goMobi is the easiest way to optimise your website for mobile users, without compromising on quality. goMobi automatically detects which device a user is browsing with and serves the appropriate version of the website accordingly.

goMobi offers website owners a fast, easy to use and compelling mobile website to grow traffic, convert leads and grow revenue.

It's simple icon-driven interface delivers a great experience on any mobile phone and utilizes the unique capabilities of a mobile phone to help convert traffic into customers. Compatible with any domain name, goMobi is the quickest and easiest way to take advantage of the growing number of mobile internet users.

Compliments your existing website

While your main website is aimed at giving a full and comprehensive picture of your business, a goMobi mobile site allows you to deliver immediate access to what matters most when on the go. The two sites are complimentary and work together to make sure your customers are getting the most appropriate experience for their context and their device. Alternatively, goMobi can also be set up as a standalone website if you wish (but it does need a domain name to work).

Easy set up wizard

The goMobi Setup wizard provides a step by step process for website owners to customise their mobile website. The mobile website wizard is ideal for first time users, guiding them quickly and easily through the process. Additionally, it offers a rich set of capabilities for more advanced or experienced users that can be accessed as needed.

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